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At Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center (TREC) we articulate the following goals.

community across boundaries of race, class, national origin, immigration status, gender and sexual orientation.

Celebrate the artistic cultural and spiritual values of our members and constituents.

Relate the struggles of homeless people, immigrants, residents, elders and youth of the Tenderloin to wider cultural, social and political issues of our times.

Integrate the insights and struggles of our daily encounters into a non-violent practice that challenges the marginalization of our constituents.


Tenderloin reflection and Education Center Objectives and Purposes from the by laws.

Article 2, Section 1.


The primary activity of the Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center shall be to create an interfaith learning and resource center for persons from diverse religous, cultural and economic backgrounds, but particularly for persons living in poverty in the inner city.

The Center will:

a.) encourage people of diverse faiths to discover and affirm their spiritual values;

b.) provide on-going opportunities for social analysis and theological reflection;

c.) develop inclusive educational methodologies particularly through small group process.

d.) create multi-cultural opportunities for participants to express themselves creatively, through the arts, music, dance, and writing;

e.) publish and disseminate information and art which inspires reflection and analysis on spirituality, society, culture and economics;

f.) sponsor public events, such as retreats, lectures, plays, readings, musical performances and discussion forums;

g.) undertake additional educational and reflective projects which further these objectives.

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