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Ben Clarke: Ben is the founding editor of TREC's publishing arm, Freedom Voices, and a coordinator of the TallMountain Circle. Ben has been a member of the Board of Directors since it inception as an independent non-profit in 1990. He was Director, program director and community organizer at TREC from 1987-1994. He is currently a freelence writer and editor and operates Red Star Black Rose a full service printing and graphics firm specializing in community arts and non-profit organizations.

Kali Grosberg: Kali, a Tenderloin resident and recent refugee from North Beach, is a multimedia theater artist whose life and work reflect her belief that there are no boundaries between art, social concerns and matters of the spirit. She facilitated a storytelling workshop with Tenderloin seniors for three years and is now compiling a book of their writings and oral histories.

Roscoe Hawkins: Roscoe is Board Secretary. He is Head of Client Safety for the Saint Anthony Foundation. He is also a member of the Tenderloin Task Force and Crime Abatement Team.

Michael Koob: "Koob" is one of the TREC board's newer members, coming to us with great experience in AIDS-related organizations. He is a dancer, with his own company, "Transit."

Mary Litell Mary is a founding member of TREC's predecessor organization the Tederloin Reflection Center project of the St. Anthony Foundation who recently re-joined the TREC board. Mary is a Franciscan sister with a long history of social justice work.

Kathleen Moore: Kathleen is Chairperson of the Board. She is an administrator with the San Francisco Arts Education Foundation, which provides in-school, after-school, and latch-key art programming. Kathleen is also a classically-trained dancer.

Beth Saunders: Beth plays a leading role in the TallMountain Circle. She has also served with the Haight-Ashbury Women's Health Collective and Reclaiming Collective.


Eileen Corder:
Eileen, who is the leader of the Tenderloin's Women's Improvisational Theater Workshop, has an extensive and impressive theater arts and writing history. She also works as a substitute teacher.

Miriam Eusubio: Miriam is facilitator of TREC's theater workshop and Editor of Tender Leaves. She is also Production Co-ordinator for the Playwright's Center of San Francisco. She is an accomplished stage actress and director.

Dan Field: Dan runs a workshop on how to better manage money. Recently he finished a youth writing workshop with TREC that resulted in a youth-produced issue of TREC's newsletter Tender Leaves. He has worked with youth for many years, and has a commitment to opening up opportunities for youth and others in the Tenderloin.

Barbara Graves: Barbara has been facilitating the Faith and Action discussion group for many years. Barbara is a long time activist in peace and justice movements and has served in many capacities with the American Friends Service Committee, including as a Director on the national Board.

Steve Kaslikowski:
Steve is the volunteer librarian for TREC's People's Library, San Francisco's only free-lending library. Steve is a trained social worker who has worked in the child welfare, recreational, and educational fields.

Pearl Ubungen:
Pearl is leader of a highly-acclaimed performance troupe, Pearl Ubungen Dancers and Musicians, as well as its project, the Tenderloin Dance Project. She has earned many awards for her work with TREC and her company the Pearl Ubungen Dancers and Musicians.


Eric Robertson: Eric is TREC's administrator. He has worked for many years in the Tenderloin, first as a reporter for the Tenderloin Times and then as a volunteer at the TREC library. He is also Managing Editor for Freedom Voices Press and runs the TREC writing workshop.

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