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TallMountain Creative Writing and Community Service Award Winners have demonstrated their gifts in the literary arts and shown deep commitment to participation and empowerment of their communities. Awards are presented in an effort to carry on the work that Mary TallMountain embodied during her life.

Pamela Gard

Virginia Blair is in her mid eighties and was a stalwart member of the Tenderloin Women Writers Workshop for many years. She has written and published poems about the Tenderloin, racism, TREC people's library, and more recently about her career as a stage and film dancer.

Melissa McNeill is seventy years old and has been attending writing workshops at TREC for several past year. She is currently writing a series of children's stories focusing on a magical raven.

June Strohlin is a twenty-one year old poet with an ethnic background that includes Caucasian, Native American, Filipino, Hawaiian and Portuguese. She plans to publish a book of poetry using strictly street slang.

Sandra Abena Songbird, is a songwriter, singer, poet, and member of the Missisquoi Abenaki tribe of Vermont. She works with the Upper Room and performs with her band, The Songbird and the Moor. Their newest CD is entitled They're Calling Us Home

The Tenderloin Older Writers Network (TOWN) began as a writing workshop and is presently collecting poetry and prose for an anthology from its members, coordinated by Kali Grosberg.

Native Alaskan writer Mary Lockwood, an Inupiaq Malamute from Unalakleet, published with Mary TallMountain in Raven Tells Stories (Greenfield Review Press). Currently working on Prowling Song.

Marsha Campbell singer, painter and poet. Her publications include The Real Fuseli, Reply of Our Lady Teresa and About My Impotence or Sainthood. She has an MA in creative writing from San Francisco State University.

Poet Jerry Miley, homeless for many years, published two collections of his work, Standing in Line and Night Is Colder than Autumn (Manic D Press) and ran TREC's People's Library 1991-96.

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