Venezuela: Revolution from the Inside Out

Clifton Ross

Venezuela: Revolution from the Inside Out is a voyage into Latin America's most exciting experiment of the new millennium, exploring the history and projects of the Bolivarian Revolution through interviews with a range of its participants, from academics to farm workers and those living in the margins of Caracas. This introduction to the revolucion bonita (pretty revolution) offers in-depth interviews, unforgettable images and a lively soundtrack that will open new vistas onto this hopeful human project.

Origins of the Struggle
Engaged intellectuals and analysts in Venezuela and the U.S. discuss the background events and history of the Bolivarian Revolution. They include Dr. Steve Ellner, Universidad de Oriente, Puerto La Cruz; JosÈ Sant Roz, Universidad Socialista del Pueblo, MÈrida; Jutta Schmitt from Universidad de los Andes, MÈrida; Roger Burbach, Director of the Center for the Study of the Americas, Berkeley, CA, and Christene DeJong, Center for Latin American Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Bolivarian Mosaic:
Learning Community
Organizers, educators and people at work in the communities offer perspectives on projects to renew society through participation and work at the grassroots. This segment takes viewers on a quick tour of a state bookstore in Valera, Trujillo, schools and rural lending banks in Merida and a marginal neighborhood in Caracas, which is renovating its aging infrastructure with the help of the Bolivarian government.

Building Socialism, One Cooperative at a Time
Well over 100,000 cooperatives have been organized and funded by loans and grants from the government in its attempt to build the "Socialism of the 21st Century"; from the bottom up, rather than the top down. This segment looks at cooperatives in Merida and Barinas, which tackle the challenges of cooperation with varying degrees of success, and at the support and inspiration offered by the Frente Campesino Nacional Ezekiel Zamora (Ezekiel Zamora National Rural Workerís Front).

Venezuela: Revolution from the Inside Out
Written and directed by Clifton Ross
Subtitles in English and Spanish
running time: 85 minutes
copyleft 2007 Headstands Unlimited

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Clifton Ross is a free lance writer and videographer who has been reporting on Latin America for over 25 years.He has edited many anthologies including: A Dream Made of Stars: A Bilingual Anthology of Nicaraguan Poetry and Voice of Fire: Communiques and Interviews of the Zapatista National Liberation Army. He is the translator of Quetzalcoatl by Ernesto Cardenal and author of When Good Dogs Have Bad Dreams: Four American Poets.

Fables for an Open Field has just been released in Spanish by La Casa Tomada of Venezuela. His forthcoming book of poems in translation, Traduciendo el Silencio, will be published later this year by Venezuela's Ministry of Culture editorial, Perro y Rana.

In 2005 Clifton represented the U.S. along with Genny Lim in Venezuela's World Poetry Festival.

Ross currently teaches English at Berkeley City College, Berkeley, California. He can be reached at .