Clifton Ross on Agroecology

I'm posting information here, clips and essays, related to my next movie on Agroecology.
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Photo List From Image and Imagination

Photographs of Dorothea Lange, Scott Braley from Freedom Voices.


Farm Security Administration Photos

War Relocation Authority Photos

Scott Braley photographs from Image and Imagination

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Photographs by Dorothea Lange from Image and Imagination: Encounters with the Photography of Dorothea Lange, Ed. by Ben Clarke

Dorothea Lange
Bindlestiff, backbone of the IWW, Napa Valley, CA 1938 . B.L./L.C.; 18801E

Title/Caption Source Ref. Number

* Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936. L.C.; 9058C
* Langes "outtake" images from the Migrant Mother, 9098C, 9094C, 9097C, 9093C, 9095C
* "Slept in a bed all my life long, till now--sleeping on the ground." Near Redding California, May 1935. B.L./L.C.; 9474E
* Mexican laborers off for the melon fields, Imperial Valley, CA, June 1935 . B.L./L.C.; 1620C
* Cotton Picker, San Joaquin Valley, CA, November 1938. B.L./L.C.; 18396E

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The Invented Camera

Jo Babcock

"Repurposing a (usually) manufactured object aligns Babcock on the one hand, with Warhol and his Brillo boxes … but, in contrast to the Pop master, Babcock reintroduces his creations to the world as a new kind of functional object - a representation that now makes representations." (from the essay by Douglas R. Nickel, director for the Center for Creative Photography)
"Resolutely low-tech but conceptually adroit, the images he produces have a raw, antique sometime "terrible" beauty." (from the introduction by Bill Berkson, poet, art critic, teacher, curator)

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