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20th Anniversary: Voice of Fire: Communiques and Interviews From the Zapatista National Liberation Army

Ben Clarke
On January 1, 1994, The Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) staged a daring intervention into the course of Mexican history by occupying San Cristóbal de las Casas and five municipalities in Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico. The Mexican government, headed by President Salinas de Gortari, responded with bombings, massacres and mass arrests during which hundreds, if not thousands of people, were killed. There was national and international outrage at the government's tactics and, within weeks of the initial conflict, the government proposed a cease fire and opened a process of dialogue with the Zapatistas. In a few short months, the EZLN went from an unknown force to one negotiating directly with the government over national issues such as fair elections, economic development and indigenous rights.
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Art and Activism: 1930s and Today

Art Hazelwood

Paul Boden
Organizing Director, Western Regional Advocacy Project
Art Hazelwood 
author of Hobos to Street People

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OccuPant Rant

Eric Robertson

            I just returned from Occupy Oakland in downtown. What can I say? It is not immediately inspiring. Not clean. A bit muddy. Lots of straggly dressed youth mixed with older street people, radicals, liberals, anarchist kids with black rags covering their faces flying black flags. But there is order in the chaos. There is an excitement in the people there who are building community. (Remember that thing that we used to think we were a part of and then gave up on it when everything didn’t go the way we wanted.)           

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Earth Day Oil Gusher--BP


Below is the intermittent live feed from BP's own rover camera over the leak. It's horrifying. Once it starts to move you can double click for a full screen view.Today, June 13, the image is almost completely black except for a couple of white lights.  That's oil you are looking at.  A few days ago you could see the blowout "preventer" now the image shows just a swirl of black.  Occaisonally the robot moves around and you can see the pinchers opening and closing and the camera operator changes the angle and enlargement. You can visit the compilation of 12 different seafloor feeds at the following addresses.  The BP media player seems to work on more platforms the .gov website compiles them all together.

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Seeking New Ground

Clifton Ross
Please see the attached flyer on the event "Seeking New Ground," two perspectives on the catastrophe of our present and our need for transformation, featuring talks by Lierre Keith and Curtis White,  Friday, November 20th at Berkeley City College, not quite a block down from Downtown Berkeley Bart Station at 2050 Center Street.
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