Coalition on Homelessness

An Advocate for Homeless People

T.J. Johnston

Street Sheet Editor Bob Offer-Westort Uses Writing and Art to Defend Honeless People's Human RIghts

Removing homeless from sight doesn't make them go away

Paul Boden, Jennifer Friedenbach
The insatiable appetite to see homeless people disappear from our parks, streets, business districts and tourist areas requires us all to go back to one of the very first lessons we are taught as infants. Just because you can no longer see it, doesn't mean it no longer exists. Think of this the next time you play peek-a-boo with a toddler. Now you see the homeless. Now you don't. But either way, we're still here. Peek-a-boo!! When city government talks about closing our parks at night and establishing expanded camping and cooking restrictions, and
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