Poverty Rights, Media Wrongs

In the wake of sustained attacks on homeless people by corporate media outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle and the relative dearth of poverty rights coverage from alternative media organizations, Media Alliance is launching Poverty Rights Media Wrongs.

This new research and action program will bring together existing media resources on poverty rights so that progressive activists are armed with accurate, current information on poverty rights issues such as: the criminalization of homelessness, gentrification, police sweeps, shelter conditions, “welfare reform,” redevelopment agency actions, and other political developments.

Armed with this information the committee will help to mobilize broader dissemination of the facts to correct lies, myths and disinformation about the sources of poverty and the consequences of relevant federal, state and local government policies published by the media.

We will be publishing analysis from partner publications: Race, Poverty & the Environment, Poor Magazine/Poor News Network, Street Sheet, and Street Spirit in the forum pages to the right. You are welcome to join the conversation.

To sign up for more information, volunteer for a research or action team or to contribute support email information@media-alliance.org, or povertyrights@freedomvoices.org

About Freedom Voices

Some Information

Freedom Voices publishes works that speak to or from communities on the margins. Founded in 1989 in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District the press has grown from its origins as a community publisher to include works from around the globe.

FV works closely with the TallMountain Circle which produces, promotes and distributes Mary TallMountain’s literary works and chooses the winners of the TallMountain Award for Creative Writing and Community Service.

FV also distibutes New Earth Publications imprint such as translations of Nicaraguan Ernesto Cardenal’s Quetalcoatl , Costa Rican activist Luisa Gonzalez’s autobiography and Voice of Fire, Communiques and interviews from the Zapatista National Liberation Army.

Freedom Voices is a project of the non-profit Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center and organizes public readings and writing workshops in conjunction with the Center. Freedom Voices is also a partner in the Encounters in the Americas/Encuentros de los Americas project for popular literacy. The founding editor of Freedom Voices is B. Jesse Clarke. Editorial decisions are made by a collective of writers, activists, and street scholars.