Orange Tree

Eric Robertson
Orange Tree

February 28, 2009

 The orange tree in our back yard is heavy with fruit. It seems to give two big crops a year, now, in late February and again at the end of May. (Strange that they aren't evenly spaced.) The fruit is delicious. When fully ripe the oranges are more sweet than acidic. The segments are thin skinned and don't hold together well, so if I eat one I usually peel part of it and eat it like an apple. Otherwise, I juice them. The fruits have looked ripe since mid-January, but they are just now ready. 

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Eric Robertson is the author of Whatever Comes of Not Knowing. Former longtime resident, journalist and organizer in the Tenderloin he now teaches first-grade and lives in a house with a yard. Robertson's stories draw on observations of life in the inner city and on his early years growing up in the South.