Fables for an Open Field

Clifton Ross

A collection of fables and prose-poems by Berkeley writer, translator and printer Clifton Ross. Dr. David Daube, of U.C. Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law, says, "This marvelous collection is among the most beautiful I've read...beautifully written as well as full of great wisdom." Illustrated by the Berkeley fine artist, mother and educator, Deborah Green

Almost out of print. Remaining copies $10.95 ISBN 0-915117-07-X, 38 pages, two color uncoated cover.

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About My Impotence or Sainthood

Marsha Campbell
"In these poems, Marsha Campbell takes us through gem pressure regions of beauty and pain, as a shaman swims through the ground. Formal and wild, intimate and uncanny."
Sarah Menefee

"Marsha Campbell's Dream of Rodney King should be read by everyone who ever watched violence to Blacks and did nothing."
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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Back to the Streets

George Wynn

In Back to the Streets, George Wynn tells stories of a nation’s poor. Bracing, realistic, archetypal, with a steady-handed objectivity, the writing follows the way cut by Dos Passos and Steinbeck. The vivid sketches gathered in this collection offer glimpses of lives led inside the 21st century Depression.
“George Wynn writes with toughness, sympathy, and great humor about difficult things and dire situations, and wonderfully about the redeeming qualities of literature and human kindness. He makes invisible people visible, and throws light in the darkest of places.”
Elizabeth McCracken
Author of The Giant's House
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