Ernesto Cardenal
Translated by Clifton Ross.

A bilingual edition of a book-length award-winning poem by the militant Roman Catholic priest who was Nicaragua's Sandinista Minister of culture for nearly 11 years. Through 52 poetic fragments, Ernesto Cardenal articulates a multiple vision, constantly constellated by myth that has always been one of the most effective mechanisms of his poetic creation.

ISBN 0-915117-38-X, 57 pages, perfect bound, two color uncoated cover, $11.95.

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Burdens of Bliss

Janice King

"Janice King's writing is musical, thought-provoking, subtly crafted and above all, honest. She speaks frankly of the `world that was too hard and incomprehensible.' Out of that struggle she has fashioned poetry which, by the subtlety of her wit and her craft, can both charm and amuse us."
Robert Volbrecht

60 pages
Perfect bound paperback

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The Invented Camera

Jo Babcock

"Repurposing a (usually) manufactured object aligns Babcock on the one hand, with Warhol and his Brillo boxes … but, in contrast to the Pop master, Babcock reintroduces his creations to the world as a new kind of functional object - a representation that now makes representations." (from the essay by Douglas R. Nickel, director for the Center for Creative Photography)
"Resolutely low-tech but conceptually adroit, the images he produces have a raw, antique sometime "terrible" beauty." (from the introduction by Bill Berkson, poet, art critic, teacher, curator)

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September 11 and the U.S.War; Beyond the Curtain of Smoke

Edited By Roger Burbach and Ben Clarke

Published by City Lights and Freedom Voices

Essays providing the essential information needed to understand the origins and consequences of the September 11 attacks, US policies in the Middle East and Southwest Asia and strategies for organizing resistance to the U.S. war.

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Abena Songbird

These poems offer surprising images that are stunning and fresh. . . new songs to our ears. It's like being in a circle, hearing the diversity of metaphors, from the street to the forest, from a fresh water river to the sewers of a city. . . Abena Songbird's voice is daring and real. –Janice Mirikitani , San Francisco Poet Laureate 2000

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Mat Callahan

Testimony, simultaneously published in Switzerland, contains the text of Callahan's work from five CDs with the Looters (Island and Monster Records) and two CDs with The Wild Bouquet (COD Records.)

The book also includes 40 full color reproductions of paintings by the Swiss artist Mariann Müller. The artwork was created in response to the Callahan's lyrics and the two media together combine to create a stunning book.

Well-known singer and songwriter Mat Callahan's lyrics could be said to be as insightful for our time as The Message by Grandmaster Flash was in the late 1970s. Across the Border, recorded when Callahan was lead singer for the Looters, has been broadcast on television, from MTV in the United States and Europe, to Cuban television in Havana.

A companion CD, also entitled Testimony, has been released by COD Music. It contains 15 songs selected from the 7 previous albums.

Order the book

Order the CD

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Fables for an Open Field

Clifton Ross

A collection of fables and prose-poems by Berkeley writer, translator and printer Clifton Ross. Dr. David Daube, of U.C. Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law, says, "This marvelous collection is among the most beautiful I've read...beautifully written as well as full of great wisdom." Illustrated by the Berkeley fine artist, mother and educator, Deborah Green

Almost out of print. Remaining copies $10.95 ISBN 0-915117-07-X, 38 pages, two color uncoated cover.

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About My Impotence or Sainthood

Marsha Campbell
"In these poems, Marsha Campbell takes us through gem pressure regions of beauty and pain, as a shaman swims through the ground. Formal and wild, intimate and uncanny."
Sarah Menefee

"Marsha Campbell's Dream of Rodney King should be read by everyone who ever watched violence to Blacks and did nothing."
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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Listen To The Night: Poems To the Animal Spirits of Mother Earth

Mary TallMountain

Listen to the Night Cover

Edited by Ben Clarke
"This posthumous collection of poetry by Koyukon poet and writer Mary TallMountain is a work magnificently conceived. A testament to the strength of a woman fated to spend her life in exile from her native land, TallMountain's work is as clear and penetrating as the wind of northern Alaska, as palpable and lyric as summer in northern California, and as bitter and cutting as Tenderloin streets of San Francisco--all places that she lived, an in which resides her spirit. Aho." Paula Gunn Allen

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A Quick Brush of Wings

Mary TallMountain

"Mary TallMountain weaves into her writing the story of Western civilization's "progress" and the discordant notes it brought to the way of life along the Yukon and within her own life. She retains the memory of her native culture and carries its spirit on in her poems to the many people who are turning with reverence to appreciate and protect `Turtle Island.'"
John Fox
ISBN: 0-9625153-1-0
60 pages, perfect bound paperback

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